Fantastic time at 2018 Society for Affective Science! Exciting work was presented by Suzie Shdo with her poster: "Interaction of Neural Networks Underlying Heightened Threat Vigilance Using a Neurodegenerative Disease Lesion Model" and Dr. Rankin's methods lunch: "Lesion Models of Emotion".

We are proud to announce that Winson Yang has recently graduated with a Master's of Science in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience from Maastricht University in the Netherlands! 

August 2017

Congrats Dr. Toller on your most recent publication in Elsevier, "Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy diminishes functional connectivity during emotion perception".

August 2017

Congrats Dr. Ranasinghe on your most recent publication in Brain, "Distinct spatiotemporal patterns of neuronal functional connectivity in primary progressive aphasia variants".