April 2017

Congrats Dr. Toller on your most recent publication in Neurology, "Reduced emotional sensitivity and responsiveness measured by the Revised Self-Monitoring Scale is a behavioral marker of early salience network dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease".

January 2016

Congrats Dr. Ranasinghe on your most recent publication in Neurology, "Cognition and neuropsychiatry in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia by disease stage".

January 2016

Suzie's poster, entitled, "Complex Influences of Anterior Temporal Degeneration of Hopelessness and Dysphoria", was accepted for the 2016 Society for Affective Science (SAS) conference. Catch her presentation at 6:45PM on March 17th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago!

December 2015

We'd like to wrap up the year by noting how prolific Dr. Shinigawa has been in 2015, with a total of 5 accepted papers! The two most recent titled, "Classifying eating-related problems among institutionalized people with dementia", and "Neural basis of motivational approach and withdrawal behaviors in neurodegenerative disease" published in Psychiatry Clinical Neuroscience and Brain Behavior, respectively. Fantastic work, Dr. Shinigawa!