November 2015

We are happy to announce our newest team member, Dr. Gianina Toller. Dr. Toller has joined our lab all the way from Switzerland, where she recently completed her PHD, studying epilepsy at the Swiss Epilepsy Center. She will be working closely with Kate Rankin and other team members on the Functional Imaging Project, studying socioemotional functioning in patients with bvFTD. Welcome, Dr. Toller!

October 2015

The Rankin Lab attended the annual UCSF MAC Retreat at the Memory and Aging Center.

Check out this group photo!

October 2015

We are proud to announce that Kelly Gola's paper regarding the complexities of storytelling, "Spontaneous Narrative Production in Focal Neurodegenerative Disease", was recently published in Neuropsychologia!

August 2015

Goodbye to both Naomi and Meghali, who will now turn their focus to finishing up their last year of college. Thanks for your dedication to the lab and goodluck !

To learn more about where Naomi and Meghali are now, visit our People page.