August 2015

Join us in celebrating Sharon Sha's newest publication in Neurocase, "Early-onset Alzheimer's disease versus frontotemporal dementia: resolution with genetic diagnoses?". Fantastic work, Sharon!

August 2015

Thanks Jayinee for all of your hard work!

Jayinee did..........

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August 2015

Jenn Yokoyama's paper, "The 5-HTTLPR variant in the serotonin transporter gene modifies degeneration of brain regions important for emotion in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia.", was recently published in Neuroimage:Clinical. Congrats Jenn!

June 2015

The Rankin Lab welcomes its newest member, Naomi Krieger! Naomi is our new summer research intern, who wishes to learn more about neurodegenerative diseases. She is a senior at Connecticut College, studying Psychology and French.

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